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Ignite Columbus Impressions November 15, 2008

Posted by Brian Link in Uncategorized.

Columbus put on our first Ignite event last Thursday.  Links to all the presentations are on Slideshare. My presentation and video “performance?” are here.

The format is quirky but fun.  You get 15 seconds a slide and just 20 slides to present.  Five minutes to get a point across about something… anything.  And the topics were varied, for example: predicting the future by Backcasting with Japanese Animation, education about the Temparate Broadleaf Deciduous Forest, and social network related Algorithms for Interesting.

It was held in a fun and also quirky location; the Robotics Society has a garage with tools on the wall above work benches and robots literally roaming around.

We packed a great crowd in – most people standing behind the few rows of chairs, left the garage door open to let the cool fall air in, ate pizza presented on tall work tables, turned the projector on and the lights off and listened intently as people got up to speak with passion about their topics.  It was raw.  And exciting.  Our flip video cameraman, Alvin Borromeo also worked the laptop (and has a nagging cough which you’ll hear in the videos! 🙂

Much thanks to the organizers: Alison ColmanAlvin BorromeoArvind VenkataramaniDan Rockwell and Rocky Van Brimmer.

I had fun and am very much looking forward to the next one, which is looking like January.




1. Alvin - November 15, 2008

Thanks for the post, and sorry about my cough. 🙂

The next one will be sometime January, most likely where Dan works. Thanks for presenting.

2. Dan - November 16, 2008

Thanks for the post and for taking the time out to come and present, great presentation btw. 🙂

Alvin and I will be meeting next week to talk about Ignite 2. Late January 2009 is the current vibe, and one venue idea is at Lextant, in the Smith Brothers Hardware building near the short north.

3. columbus imPRession - December 31, 2008

Nice title of the event. Great minds think alike!

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