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OMG, WTF, SRSLY? November 20, 2008

Posted by Brian Link in Uncategorized.

The very language we use has been changed with the advent of Social Media.  Text messaging is perhaps most responsible for the changes due to the nature of typing on mobile devices.  Words like LOL, ROTFL and OMG have become commonplace even away from the computer.  But microblogging, now perhaps more generically being referred to as microsharing, is also making us cram our thoughts into 140 characters or less.  People are communicating in raw, abbreviated ways.  And it’s addicting.

But the change to language is more than that, it’s cultural.  Sites like ICanHasCheezburger.com have grown men creating pictures of cats in cute and interesting poses captioned with clever phrases using an abbreviated language that only cute cats with a less than stellar control of the English language could use.  It’s created a new Internet meme called lolcats.  Google it, you’ll get over 2 million results. “IM in yur kumputer messin wit yur filez”. There’s a whole open source programming language modeled after this meme as well.

The point isn’t that the world is better because of lolcats (though many people would vehemently stand by that statement), but that social media is infecting our society and culture and therefore, I say, it’s here to stay.



1. Dwayne - December 3, 2008


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