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Fascinating Facts in Social Media December 17, 2008

Posted by Brian Link in socialmedia.

I’m constantly scouring the internet (and specifically tweets from my favorite 240 tweeple which includes some of who I think are today’s luminaries in social media).  I filter what I find and bookmark locally things I think are cool.  While mobile, when I’m driving (I know – yikes – I mean at stop lights) or waiting in line or itching to multitask othertimes I’m browsing Twitter and marking favorites to be reviewed later.  My best of the best social media related links end up in my delicious account – please follow me on friendfeed or check delicious frequently for updates.

While feeding my brain on all this stuff, which also happens through reading a zillion blogs (when I have time), I’ve found some great presentations and white papers which I’ve posted in the Docs and Papers section on my site.  Many of which are also linked below. And in a few of these I’ve found some really great research with some amazing facts.  I thought it might be helpful to pluck these facts and quotes out for you to scan quickly and get a few “ahh, interesting” or “whaddya knows”.  Hope you enjoy.  And please, if you find other sources of similar facts and interesting figures, please drop me a line here or email blog@brianlink.me.

PEW “The Future of the Internet III”:

  • The mobile device will be the primary connection tool to the Internet for most people in the world in 2020
  • It took 20 years for the first billion cell phones to sell, 4 for the second billion and 2 for the third billion.  It’s anticipated that 15% are internet enabled by end of 2008

Time, October 2007

  • Social networking sites are officially more popular than porn sites.

Universal McCann Comparative Study on Social Media Trends April 2008

  • 73% of active online worldwide users have read a blog
  • 45% have started their own blog
  • 39% subscribe to an RSS feed
  • 57% have joined a social network
  • 55% have uploaded photos
  • 83% have watched online video clips
  • penetration of internet highest in Netherlands (88%), Australia (73%), USA  (71%), South Korea (70%), Hong Kong (70%), Switzerland (69%), Denmark (69%), Japan (69%), Taiwan (67%), UK (66%), Canada (66%)
  • countries adoption of social networking: Philippines (83%), Hungary (80%), Poland (77%), Mexico (76%), Brazil (76%), Pakistan (72%), Russia (71%) … Netherlands (61%), UK (60%), Canada (59%) … USA (43%)

IAB Platform Status Report: User Generated Content, Social Media and Advertising  An Overview, April 2008

  • “In 2008, if you’re not on a social networking site, you’re not on the internet”
  • “Today there are over a billion content creators and hundreds of millions of distributors.”
  • “In 2006, User Generated Content sites attracted 69 million users in the United States alone, and in 2007 generated $1 billion in advertising revenue. By 2011, UGC sites are projected to attract 101 million users in the U.S. and earn $4.3 billion in ad revenue” (EMarketer, “User Generated Content: Will Web 2.0 Pay its Way?” June 2007)

Neilsen “Trust in Advertising” Report, October 2007

  • Only 14% of people trust the messages they receive from advertising
  • 78% of people trust the recommendations of other consumers

2008 BursonMarsteller PRWeek CEO Study (200 CEOs)

  • Over four in 10 (43%) CEOs use online social media at least a few times per week
  • However, less than 20% have used social media to communicate with stateholder groups.  Of those, Facebook was most popular (78%), then MySpace (44%), YouTube (44%), Twitter (19%)
  • 62% of CEOs believe social media can have a much larger impact on reputation than on sales of their products and services (48%)

Meet the Connected Consumer (“Feed: Razorfish Consumer Experience Report 2008”)  Razorfish survey of 1006 diverse highly connected consumers

  • 55% of americans have high bandwidth in 2008 (up from 47% in 2007) or approximately 165MM people
  • 64% have customized their home page and 90% have done so with one of four providers: Google (37%), Yahoo (27%), MSN (19%), AOL (6%)
  • 28% use Twitter with some frequency
  • 41% use tag clouds with some regularity
  • 52% use RSS feeds with some regularity
  • 52% have shared bookmarks through services like delicious
  • 55% use widgets on the desktop frequently
  • 62% use widgets on the web frequently
  • 81% read “most popular” or “most emailed” links frequently
  • social media properties used heavily by respondents: YouTube (67%), MySpace (65%), Facebook (46%), Classmates (36%), Flickr (17%), LinkedIn (16%), Friendster (14%), Twitter (8%), Xanga (7%), Meetup (6%), BlackPlanet (6%), Bebo (5%), LastFM (4%), CarDomain (4%), Yelp (3%)
  • 75% spend at least one hour a week on social networking sites and 19% spend more than 7 hours a week
  • 49% indicate they’ve made a purchase based on a recommendation through a social media site
  • most have standard mobile handsets, 26% have smartphones
  • apple’s share of smartphone market is 6% (pre3G iPhone)

Consumer 2.0  Five Rules to Engaging a New Breed of Consumer by Mr. Youth and RepNation Media (April 2008)

  • By 2010, Millenials/Gen Y will outnumber baby boomers
  • Millenials spend > 16 hours a week online
  • 96% of them have joined a social network
  • On average they have 53 online friends
  • 58% of Gen Y move home after school and 36% stay at their first job less than a year
  • Most adults send 3 emails per text message, but teens are nearly the opposite: 2.5 to 1 texts to emails
  • College students jam 222 hours of activity into their 122 waking hours per week, multitasking 45% of the time (according to SurveyU study)
  • In the 70s, city dwelling were exposed to 5002000 advertising messages a day.  According to USAToday 2006 study it’s more like 30005000. 
  • 78% of college students feel people place too much emphasis on brand and only 46% find brands helpful in making purchasing decisions. (SurveyU study) 
  • “We are putting advertising back in the hands of the people so ads are less like ads and more like content and information”  (VP of Product Marketing and Operations at Facebook)



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