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Dude… It’s a lifestyle December 22, 2008

Posted by Brian Link in consulting, socialmedia.


Ever take a vacation to the Caribbean and wonder to yourself what it’d be like to never go home?  Oh, I could just find a job on the beach, you say.  Serve up margaritas in a bar, run a snorkeling tour boat, heck – I’d even run a bait shop just to have that lifestyle.  It’s freedom, isn’t it?  And fun and rewarding. Could  you imagine – sleeping in everyday, soaking up some rays and enjoying whatever work it is you do so that you can swim with the turtles whenever you want to?  All you have to do is change your lifestyle, then BLAM, it’ll be glorious!

People always ask me questions about how to make social media profitable.  How can you make money on Twitter? What’s the secret to launching the next viral video?  How do I attract tons more customers through my network on Facebook?  I’d be a very rich man if I had a good answer to that question.  Well, I do actually, it’s just not the get rich quick scheme people are hoping for.  

Leveraging social media in your business is something that you need to adopt like a lifestyle change.  Like moving to the beach. Like making a New Year’s resolution to get fit.  Or remembering to stop swearing so much in front of your parroting two year old.  It’s like your first real job where you had to remember to always carry your business cards. It’s just a simple lifestyle change. When you strike up a conversation on the plane with the person next to you, be sure to be polite, friendly and interesting first; it makes the conversation more enjoyable.  But also be sure to mention what you do.  And if they’re interested, maybe you do hand them your card or let them know how to find you.  

Be yourself and do that over and over again on the train, at the airport, in line at the mall and anywhere appropriate. Don’t be obnoxious, just make a conscious effort to reach out and meet people.  If you did that every day for say a year, what do you think might become of all those connections?  

Well, I have to say – with it being only 2 frakking degrees outside, it’s not exactly the Caribbean in Columbus, Ohio this holiday week, but life is good.  And it reminded me of just how crazy I am. And how wonderful it is.  I left Digg just two months ago. And it’s been a whirlwind ever since. BE Interactive Consulting is up and running; I’m speaking publicly every month; chasing some great leads and really enjoying all of it.  If you’re already out on your own, doing consulting or working in sales or running your own business, you get it.  Every once in a while, remind yourself though.  Listen for the waves and feel the cool breeze on your face.  And make sure you’ve changed your lifestyle a bit.  

You might already be working on your lifestyle change.  If you are, then you’re already working on merging your offline conversations with your online relationships.

Social Media is an amplifier.  It’s just like holding up a conch shell to your ear if you do it right.



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