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Sucker for a New Beginning December 31, 2008

Posted by Brian Link in Uncategorized.

It’s just another day, really.  Some people are feeling forced to get out and celebrate, I know. Some people celebrate when their odometer flips to 100,000 as well.  We have this fascination with round numbers and labeling things, don’t we?  Well, I’ll cave again this year.  Now, I’m not going out and getting sloshed like the fraternity boy that I am.  Instead I’ll likely be sipping some wine with a few friends later, kiss my lovely bride at midnight and blow on one of those noise maker thingys.  Just getting out of the house socializing is a thrill these days.  I’m really looking forward to it.

And next week I will be more diligent about a few things.  If I don’t call them resolutions I might not be so hard on myself if I don’t keep them all going.  But I will endeavor to drop some weight and be more healthy.  Make a doctor’s appointment, ease up on the Diet Coke a bit, stop buying sweets and candy and junk that I don’t need.

But just as importantly, I’m going to start doing some things.  Focus on my business – truly prioritize and finish things I start.  Be selfish about focusing on me and what’s most important for my business.  Oh, I’ll still be friendly and offer help to people like I love to do, but please don’t be upset if I don’t agree to a social business-y lunch unless you have a good hook that my business might really benefit from 🙂

So, it is just another day.  But I’m also glad to quietly ignore some of the uglies from 2008 and concentrate on the greatness to come.  I have a wonderful family and a lot of promising adventures ahead and I’m psyched.  Yeah! 2009… comin’ atcha.



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