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How are we going to pay for these phones? January 11, 2009

Posted by Brian Link in socialmedia.


phoneNo one writes a business case for having to purchase phone lines with voicemail anymore, right? And hopefully not for Internet connectivity either.  We just need these things to do business.  It will be the same with social media someday.

It seems ludicrous now, but just eight years ago I encountered a business that was afraid to put the Internet on their employees desktops because of the potential productivity loss.  They locked down the Internet.  To me, that’s like turning off the phones because of the occasional personal call that’s made during work hours.  Ridiculous, right?  Well, if you can admit that social media is simply the next stepping stone in the way that we communicate online, it’s not hard to see the benefits either.  Sure, your employees might do nothing but sit around and talk on the phone all day.  Or they might do nothing but play solitaire or read news on the Internet.  And Social Media currently has a reputation for being a time-suck and distracting people with all the possibilities and the fact that it broadens the sheer volume of people with whom you might talk to everyday.  It takes discipline to learn how to use social media appropriately.  And that’s true of our personal lives as much as it is in business.  With some simple guidelines and a company’s leadership setting a good example, I believe Social Media will quickly evolve into a critical communication tool that every business will use to run their company.

Any reason to think it won’t?


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