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What Do I Want Out of Twitter? February 13, 2009

Posted by Brian Link in Uncategorized.

To be sure, Twitter is a tool with many usage patterns. There are people doing any number of things: making connections, wasting time, building businesses, crafting their digital personality, hubristic chattery (that’s a good domain name waiting to happen), or just learning and sharing to name a few.

I find that usually I’m lazy. Or unfocused is perhaps a better term. And while my intentions are great, I’m not always using Twitter in the noble way that I say that I am. What I like to say is that I’m listening to and learning from social media experts, agile process experts, and the VCs and Angel private equity experts. And when I’m totally on it, I’m bookmarking great links and posting them to delicious and even giving back great content I find on the web in return.

And sometimes I do actually do that. But the reality is, I’m often too busy to make the effort, so I’m dorking around on Twitter just like I do on the Internet when I’m not focused. It can be a fun distraction to let your brain go mush for a while (like Alec Baldwin describes in the Hulu commercial).

But what I will say is that even though I’m not always playing my A game and interacting on Twitter, I do like to pride myself on being selective about who I follow and who I listen to. And even in my off-weeks, I’m at least pulling it up at stop lights and whenever I have 30 seconds to dive in and read a few things. Right now, my favorited links are accumulating like the same uncontrollable pile of papers on my desk and I keep thinking “I really should get to that soon”. Because I favorite a tweet with a link that I want to come back and read, digest and perhaps post to delicious, or if it’s really good on my blog.

But alas, my social networking time suffers when I get busy. And so it goes. Maybe next week I’ll attack that pile of papers. The firehose keeps it coming, how do you cope with it?


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