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Strategic Value – blah, blah, blah? March 11, 2009

Posted by Brian Link in Uncategorized.

My new consulting website http://beinteractiveconsulting.com/ is up.  After nearly five months on my own it felt like it was time 🙂  With so much to do – the simplest and most obvious things can fall off your plate too!  But now I have something I can point people to when they ask “what do you do?”

But what’s funny to me is that every other “social media consultant” I see out there hasn’t bothered to set up a website.  I guess that’s the point they’re making though, isn’t it?  If you’re engrossed in social media, maybe that’s all you need – your blog.  After all, what you’re selling is your point of view and best practices (and hopefully your experience). Ahhh… that’s the catch though isn’t it?  Ever see a social media consultant sell themselves based on their experience?  It’s interesting, not many people actually have experience in this field yet do they?  The ones that have great experience are too busy to sit around and brag about it – they’re off speaking at big conferences between client gigs.

So I guess I’m trying to do something a little different.  My goal is to create an even playing field and disrupt this new industry.  There’s just too many people out there (large and small businesses alike) that need the detailed “social media starter kit” and quite honestly, the information is out there already and free, you just have to dedicate some time to scour a few dozen blogs and then be daring enough to give it a try.  It’s really not rocket science.  So keep your eyes peeled, I’m going to launch something as soon as I can that aims to practically give away a big concentrated dose of this best practices stuff – the baseline that all the crazy social media people in the echo chamber take for granted.  Information wants to be free, right?

Why would I do that?  I mean, I could hang up a sign and rake in some serious cash helping people setup twitter accounts and learn how to use LinkedIn and Facebook to promote their business right? My passion is working with businesses on achieving radical change and driving strategic goals through an organization and instilling a culture that breeds success.  To do this well though, it means those that don’t know this baseline of knowledge need to get up to speed first. So, we’ll see.  Worst case scenario, this thing I’m going to launch will save a lot of people a lot of time sifting through the blogosphere of social media.  Shoot me an email if you’d like an early sneak peek as I get closer to launch.

Meanwhile, social media isn’t the only thing I do.  And if I can be blunt, a good social media consultant will have a background to draw from and deep experience in business strategy consulting, marketing, technology and some hands-on Internet work too.  So there’s my pitch.  I’ll let you read my new site if you’re interested in what my other services are: http://beinteractiveconsulting.com/

And if you know someone that might be interested in what I do, please forward them my links.  And then let me know – I’d be happy to reward you with a kick ass referral bonus.



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