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Apple iPhone 5S Resale Value August 28, 2014

Posted by Brian Link in apple.
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Doing my annual analysis of upgrading my iPhone. I’m still not sure if I *can* upgrade my phone or not – will be calling AT&T shortly (att.com gladly tells me I can upgrade to their AT&T Next program but I’m not interested). So, I figured my research may be helpful to others – pretty sure prices on iPhone 5S will drop very quickly as the new iPhone 6 launch approaches.

There’s an interesting Wall Street Journal article that covers some high level stuff, but I wanted to see the specifics myself. You may not have the exact same phone as me, but the numbers should be indicative of how each of these services compare I’d guess. I’ve upgraded once with Gazelle, once with TechPayout and last time the Apple Store paid me $10 more in person than whatever service I was about to use so I used them instead (Apple is likely to do the same thing this year, but I suspect you may get more if you act quickly).

I used my iPhone 5S (AT&T, 32GB, Good Condition – some minor scratches, no damage, No accessories included) and came up with the following prices on these services today on Aug 28, 2014:

  • ItsWorthMore.com: $310.00
  • TechPayout.com: $280.75
  • Gazelle.com: $260.00
  • Glyde.com: $256.00
  • uSell.com: $236.80
  • Apple: $225.00 (iPhone 5 only?)


ItsWorthMore apple gazelle glyde techpayout usell



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