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Announcing Pillars.io, an exclusive community for technology managers June 26, 2015

Posted by Brian Link in startups.
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If you are a manager of any kind in the software and technology world,Pillars.io please take a look at this new startup, Pillars.io. They’re building something that will have a huge impact on how technology managers go about finding their next job, even if you’re not actively looking today. Pillars knows how to accurately describe the important and subtle differencs to the breadth and depth of your skills and experience and will help you define exactly what kind of technology manager you are so you can stop getting spammed with inappropriate job inquiries and set yourself up to land the perfect job. Here’s a quick blurb from their site. Please read the full text at Pillars and complete the survey to help them as they build out this product! Thank you!

Pillars of a Great Technology Manager

We believe all manager roles in technology are amazingly complex and to be truly great, a technology manager needs to be extremely well-rounded and an expert in many things. We call these things the Pillars of a Great Technology Manager. So whether you are a first time tech lead, an experienced software development manager or any kind of technology manager in the field of software, IT, mobile and the Internet, you need to have incredible breadth and depth to your skills and experience across these pillars:

  • PEOPLE: the ability to manage a team, hire, fire, mentor and coach; be a career guide and the culture advocate;
  • PROCESS: the owner of all processes, the agile change agent or scrum master, obstacle remover and facilitator;
  • TECHNOLOGY: the master of many hands-on skills, tech strategy, scalable architectures and solver of the team’s toughest problems;
  • PRODUCT: the lean thinker, visionary and roadmap planner, subject matter expert and end-user advocate;
  • EXECUTION: the owner of budget, risks and on-time delivery; the coordinator, expectation setter and controller of operations and logistics.

Read more about Pillars

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