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luminariesThe field of social media is literally expanding everyday.  Rapidly.  But there are a few folks that I’ll call The Luminaries. I mix some of the newer with the established, but these I think are the must reads of our industry.

There are also a handful of blogs that I read that the rest of the world hasn’t discovered yet. These guys have great content and I consider it an honor to be friends with them.

Please feel free to suggest others.  As I get a change to read them myself, I’ll add them to this list.  To all the people listed above:  Thank You! I’ve learned a lot from all you luminaries…

Columbus has a lot of bloggers and I will undoubtedly discover more in 2009.  Please check out a few of the folks I know that have great blogs (not necessarily social media blogs, but fun nonetheless) and who’s blogging in Columbus from our Columbus Tech Life wiki:


1. jquaglia - December 31, 2008

Nice list. As a Masi owner, I LOVE the fact that you give Tim Jackson a shout out!

Also, another I would add to this list is Fred Wilson. Great perspective from the VC side of things. Also, being from NYC, he adds diversity from just Silicon Valley VC/Startup circle.


2. mycreativeteam - December 31, 2008

Please check out my blog, http://my-creativeteam.com/blog, or follow me at http://twitter.com/mycreativeteam

3. Danny Brown - January 1, 2009

Hey there Brian, that’s some heavy hitters there and great recommendations – I already follow/read quite a few and I agree, they have some key info to offer.

Thank you also for including me in here, I’m humbled to be mentioned in the same breath as these people, and glad I can offer some help (however small) on the road we’re all on.

Here’s to a great 2009 and beyond.

4. Jared - January 1, 2009

Allyson Kapin – @womenwhotech. She writes a weekly blog column for Fast Company called Radical Tech that follows the latest trends in social media and technology. She also runs the popular Women Who Tech TeleSummit http://www.womenwhotech.com and a firm called Rad Campaign – http://www.radcampaign.com

5. Sam Bradley - January 1, 2009

Thanks for this.

Added 90% of these people on Twitter. Of course, now my network skews really heavily toward C’Bus, but all is well.

If you’re ever interested, check out my blog. I’m really trying to make it relevant to professionals, and as a former Dublin resident, I’d welcome your thoughts if you have time.

Happy New Year.

7. Adam Cohen - January 8, 2009

Hi Brian – Thanks very much for including me in this list and for sharing. Many of those folks I subscribe to and have learned a lot from but I found a few new ones as well. I am honored to be included in such company!

8. Michael Tim - February 28, 2009

I love your site! 🙂

Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

9. Deni Kasrel - August 30, 2009

A thousand thanks for this list. Great one-stop resource. Better than Google search results, for sure. I am popping through the names and then doing a fair amount of RSS subscribing. Lots of great new feeds found quick and easy.

10. An Entrepreneurial State of Mind « What Blink Thinks. - March 12, 2011

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