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Introducing “BE Interactive Consulting” November 5, 2008

Posted by Brian Link in consulting.
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I’m proud to announce BE Interactive Consulting, a Social Media and Agile Process consulting company which brings the best practices and capabilities of web 2.0 to your business.

BE Interactive Consulting provides two different offerings:  BE Social and BE Agile.  The services available in both offerings are simple:  a personalized assessment of where your business is today and implementation consulting services to drive the success of your business tomorrow and beyond.

BE Social is intended for companies looking to leverage Social Media in their marketing strategy, helping to better connect employees, customers, partners, consumers, buyers and sellers.  Together we can discover and encourage your tribes of passionate users, fans and customers to interact more meaningfully.

BE Agile is designed to help organizations build more effective, appropriate and agile engineering processes. We help build scalable technical organizations as companies grow and leverage the best practices in what a lot of web 2.0 companies are using to manage their product, development, project management and QA processes.

What’s in a name?  The capital E in BE is no mistake. The offerings in both Social Media and Agile Processes are subject to the Butterfly Effect.  Minor changes in these areas have sweeping and rippling effects.  Social Media and Agile Processes are changing the way business gets done.

For a sharper looking version of what I said above, please take a look at my brief company overview here: BE Interactive Consulting

If you or someone you know might be interested in our consulting services, please contact Brian at 614-402-5690 or via email.



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